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EUROFER: Recognition of net-zero steel technologies may boost European green market

21 December, 2023 by
In a significant move, the European Council has incorporated transformative industrial technologies, particularly those focused on decarbonizing energy-intensive sectors like steel, into the list of net-zero technologies outlined in the EU's Net Zero Industry Act. EUROFER, the European Steel Association, has welcomed this recognition, emphasizing its potential to drive the growth of green markets across Europe.

highlights the pivotal role of carbon capture, usage, and storage (CCUS) as a crucial tool in the journey toward low-carbon steelmaking. The association urges both the European Parliament and the council to capitalize on this momentum by forging an ambitious agreement. This agreement would not only support the promotion of EU-produced green products in public auctions related to net-zero technologies but also propel CCUS initiatives within Europe.

Axel Eggert, the Director General of EUROFER, underlines the EU steel industry's commitment to over 60 industrial-scale decarbonization projects. These projects aim to achieve mass low-CO2 production as early as 2025-26. Eggert notes that all net-zero technologies, including wind, solar, and hydrogen electrolyzers, rely heavily on steel, estimating a demand for more than 74 million metric tons of steel for the expansion of EU renewables alone. However, EUROFER voices concern over the omission of the deployment of net-zero technologies, such as the conversion of existing steel plants to hydrogen and electricity-based methods, from the Net Zero Industry Act by the council. While these technologies are acknowledged, their exclusion means that low-carbon steel advancements may face hurdles in permit-granting procedures. EUROFER emphasizes that a potential reassessment five years after the Act's implementation will be too late for the initial phase of the steel industry's transition, potentially causing significant delays in implementation. In conclusion, EUROFER urges prompt action to integrate net-zero steel technologies into the regulatory framework, ensuring a smoother and more efficient transition towards climate-neutrality in the European steel industry.
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